Physiological effects of Locking Lips *****SMOOCH*******
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Kissing someone passionately is called smooch. It may be your partner, boyfriend, only friend or relative. Studies have proven that kissing has many health benefits.

There are different types of kissing

1.French kiss- Its very passionate forms of kissing.

2.Butterfly kiss- its a unique kind of kiss. In this, they blink their eyelashes fast and keep their faces pressed close to each other. 

3.Woodpecker Kiss- It is more like hi and bye kiss. It’s quick, short and simple.

4.Closed Eyes Kiss- This type of kiss is generally shared between couples who are deeply in love with each other.

5.Overall Kiss- The overall kiss involves your entire face and body kiss. 

6.Opened Eyes Kiss- This type of kiss indicates that the person always wants to be in control. They just have to watch out all the time.

7.Polite Kiss-  At just the start of the relationship a polite kiss is all that you can dare. It is somewhat like the woodpecker kiss but with a little more hesitation.specially with friends and relatives.

8.Aunty Kiss- This kiss is not everyone’s favorite but you can try it anyhow. Suction a part of someone’s cheek while leaving some lipstick on it.

9.Total Kiss-  Couples are completely and hopelessly in love. They never limit their kiss to one part of the body. 


1. Kissing burns calories, approximately 2-3 calories a minute.

2. Smooch may ease allergies. A study in Japan found that 30 minutes of kissing can provide some relief from sneezing and nausea.

3. Those husbands or boys who kiss their partner every morning may live five years longer than those who don't.

4. Those who kiss frequently maynot suffer stomach problems, bladder, and blood infections.

5. There's a lot of calcium in a kiss which is useful to make a bone hard!


6. The extra saliva produced during a kiss helps remove cavity.

7.Kissing is a stress-reliever. Passionate kissing relieves tension. 

8. smooch reduces negative energy.

9. Kissing is useful for face muscles and it helps in face muscles tight and smooch tone up your skin.

10.Kissing is good for the heart because it creates adrenaline which causes your heart to pump more blood throughout your body.

 11 .Kissing reduces anxiety and stops the "noise" in your mind. It  produces a peaceful feeling.

12. Kissing is also "a sensual meditation," she says. "It stops the buzz in your mind. It actually produces a lot of the physiological changes that meditation produces."

kissing couple ranveer deepika

13.When couples lock their lips with each other then the bonding power increses.

14. smooch helps wash the nicotine out of your mouth between smokes


    So Try this superfood which is very useful for your physique.



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Physiological effects of Locking Lips *****SMOOCH*******
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Physiological effects of Locking Lips *****SMOOCH*******

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