Feeling low at work? Four tips to stay FIT and healthy
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Thanks to technology, nowadays, we spend most of our work time escaping the sun, staring at computer screens and consuming excessive caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks. All these have aggravated the health of office goers considerably and put them at a perpetually greater risk of lifestyle diseases. Despite knowing that sitting all day at work can take a toll on our health, a lot of us do nothing about it. 


  • Eat breakfast like a King


We all have heard that before. Time crunch and hectic morning routines notwithstanding, starting your day with a wholesome breakfast is going to keep diseases at bay in the long run. Studies suggest that not eating well enough in the morning can be linked to diabetes risks and obesity. With plenty of healthy and quick breakfast options available, there should be no reason to skip the most important meal of the day.


So always keep in mind 'Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar'


  • Water is a life saver:


It is natural to forget drinking water though a busy work day or back-to-back meetings. Studies have also shown that people often misunderstand dehydration for hunger and end up eating junk food when they are actually just craving water. Make it a habit to take large sips of water every 30 minutes. And to make it easier, always keep a bottle of water at your desk.

It is possible to confuse thirst with hunger, so before reaching for a snack, drink a glass of water to cut down on your calorie intake and stay hydrated.

Drinking more water also means you’ll have to get up from your desk to drink water and visit the washroom, which is a lot better than sitting at your desk all day!


  • Invest in a fitness gear:


Since technology has almost taken over every aspect of our life, why not fitness too. There is a gamut of fitness trackers and apps that remind you to take your health seriously and monitor your fitness routines.  Don’t limit them just to gyms. Wearing them to work can help you monitor how many steps you walked or the number of calories you consumed through the day. Some may also be able to monitor your heart rate and stress levels. Moreover, they are social friendly and enable you to share and compete with friends and colleagues. That’s an effortless way to stay in touch with your health.


  • Get moving:


Modern day work lifestyles are rather sedentary and call for little or no physical activity. Sitting in one position for long can not only harm your back but also your flexibility. This doesn’t mean you have to walk all the way to work even if your office is miles away from home! If you have to drive to work, park your car at the far end of the parking lot or park a few complexes away from your office building. This way, you’ll get to stretch your muscles before and after office hours.

If the distance between your office and your home isn’t too much, ride a bike to work or walk all the way. In case you use public transport to commute, get off one or two stops before your destination and walk the rest of the distance.


Take the stairs to your office, walk while talking on the phone, practice stretching exercises in your seat or simply go for a walk while discussing with a colleague. Small steps can go a long way to replace your sedentary life with a more active one. 

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